Ash Alves

Writer and Integrative Healing Advocate

My new book, A Warriors Reminder: A Collection of Reminders for Healing and Self-Empowerment is available on Amazon.

Hi, I’m Ash Alves

I am an author, certified spiritual life coach and founder of Warrior Reminder. I specialise in integrative healing and support people in doing the inner work by cultivating a safe space for self-inquiry. Utilising my degree in International Politics and Spiritual Life Coach training, I aim to bring awareness to the impact social injustice has on people’s ability to self-actualise. I currently reside in the UK.

My Services



My work aims to evoke self-enquiry all whilst inviting you to exercise self-compassion. My writings are a reflection of the lessons I’ve learned and currently learning on my journey. They also reflect my observations of the world and people within it. I am open to writing opportunities with publications, charities and businesses.



As a qualified Spiritual Life Coach, I provide a 1:1 coaching service for clients who are currently going through a difficult time and hope to gain clarity and perspective to help navigate through life’s obstacles. I offer two types of coaching sessions. Find out more.



My interactive workshops are an opportunity for us to do the inner work as a collective. At the core of my workshops, it invites us to ask ourselves the hard questions. Ultimately my attendees are ready to have honest conversations and begin their journey towards wholeness. I provide both online and in-person workshops and also offer worksheets for all participants upon request.

Remind yourself of all that you’ve overcome. All the times when you thought that you wouldn’t make it through, you proved yourself wrong. You are more powerful than you think.

— Ash Alves


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