The Gratitude Journal: February 2019

I'm thankful, grateful, appreciate

(Photo taken by me, Spain Catalonia 2019)

Isn’t it beautiful knowing that everyday is a new day?

The sun rises each day to reminds us that everyday we have the opportunity to truly shape the course of our life. From the moment we wake up, we get to decide how we choose to lead our lives and how we react and respond to the circumstances around us.

A new day is another opportunity to press the reset button.

I am grateful that I’ve been able to wake up today and given another chance to start again. A new day should remind us that despite our negative experiences, we get to decide how we choose to live our lives in the present moment. We don’t have to be confined by our past or defined by the choices we’ve made previously. You are not here by coincidence- you woke up to fulfil a purpose. You get to choose how to make the most out of the day that’s available to you!

Questions to you:

What are you looking forward to this month?

What are you grateful for today?

I would love to know!

Love Ash, xx


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Ash Alves

Hello, my name is Ash Alves. Welcome to my blog! Join me on my journey as I attempt to untangle my thoughts through writing. Love Ash, x

23 thoughts on “The Gratitude Journal: February 2019

  1. I’m grateful to be sitting by the sea side on a very sunny day and being blessed with the grace of living in such a wonderful part of the world. You are absolutely right, every new day is an opportunity to make a difference and start fresh, happy Valentine’s!

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    1. that sounds like such a beautiful place to be! I feel peaceful thinking about that scenery. I love that you’re taking the time out to be present and really appreciate your view. Happy Valentines day, & I hope you have a lovely week. Thank you for sharing your thoughts โค

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  2. Just came across your blog and I love the idea of this gratitude series! I totally agree with you; as much as I hate the alarm going off in the morning, I always remind myself that a new day means new opportunities.

    Dear Disha –

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    1. Aw thank you! I think anyone should do a gratitude series. Itโ€™s a really good way to take out for once and gratitude. I love that- waking up early doesnโ€™t have to be so deadful. Looking forward to checking out you work ๐Ÿ’•โœจ

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