The Gratitude Journal: March 19′




It’s March guys!

The year is already flying by. Before we get stuck into another month, let’s take a moment to appreciate the blessings in our life. This month I want to show appreciation for my friendships.

Friendship has always been a sour spot for me as for a long time I felt unfulfilled in this area of my life.  Finally I am in a space where I feel content with the connections I’ve been able to build and the acquaintances that have entered my life. I feel loved like never before- but mostly because I have more love for myself. I am in a space with my friendships where we value each others boundaries, share love and joy and aren’t afraid to have honest conversations. I am extremely grateful for healthy friendships.

I am thankful for being able to have friends who continue to inspire me. I am thankful for the times they listened to me and gave me the space to express myself when I needed it the most. I am thankful for their honesty which taught me about myself and aided my own self-discovery. I am appreciative of the effort they have made into preserving a friendship with me, and showing up. I am thankful for having the opportunity to be in their lives and be chosen by them. I am grateful for being able to share joy laughter, happiness and sadness. I am grateful for the select few who support my creative endeavours and remind me of my powers. I am thankful for those who choose to be patient with me and for continuing to meet me half way.

Question to you:

What are you grateful for today?

Is friendship important to you and do you feel loved by your friends?

Thanks for stopping by!

Love and hugs, Ash xx


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Ash Alves

Hello, my name is Ash Alves. Welcome to my blog! Join me on my journey as I attempt to untangle my thoughts through writing. Love Ash, x

35 thoughts on “The Gratitude Journal: March 19′

  1. I loved the part that you mentioned feeling loved like never before but mostly because you have more love for yourself (‘:

    That’s so inspirational & empowering to hear! Being grateful for friendship is a beautiful thing but appreciating the growth and love and relationship with oneself shows self-love/growth and is just as important and I love the way you reflected on that and included that alongside friendship love ✨

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    1. Aww that you so much for your reflecttjon & taking your time out to read this. I’m glad you mentioned that part about self love because I think it’s so important. I noticed that my relationships changed once I started to love myself more. I deffo would love to walk about this is more detail at some point. Hope you have a great weekend 💕✨

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    1. Thank you so much that means a lot 😭 your writings are amazing though honestly! You’re doing a great job. And it’s my pleasure, we all need that reminder at times 🌷✨

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  2. In response to your question: Today I’m grateful for time. To be able to have read your blog post. I too am grateful for my friends, whom I feel very much loved by and feel very blessed to know + be supported by ~

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    1. I love this! I’m glad your friends do support you, it’s such a blessing. And aww I’m very thankful that you’ve came across you. Thank you for sharing Love & loghr 💜✨

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  3. Nice one!
    Grateful to be alive and that I gotten my bachelor’s degree last spring but still have a lot of work to do.
    Also grateful for this wordpress platform to meet bloggers and post my poetry

    Nice one and have a good weekend!

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    1. Aww amazing congratulations! What did you study? I rate you so much for blogging so consistently whilst you were studying wow 👏🏾✨

      I love this! It’s definintely a blessing to have a community of bloggers and creatives that support each other.

      Thank you so much- I hope you have a lovely weekend 💕

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  4. Sounds like you have found peace in this area! I’m grateful for an abundance of time. Also, friends are important to me, but I’ve come to learn that they’re not all meant to be lifetime ones.

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    1. Yes finally, it’s been a struggle and I’m sure I’ll have my ups and downs in this department but least I’ll know how to handle it much better. That’s good! That’s something I’m still learning to be honest, figuring out an adequate way to break off a friendship. 💜


  5. Friendship is so important to me. I heard on the radio that a large percentage of our happiness actually comes from friendships . I have many great friends but I moved away for a job and am in the process of trying to “find” friends in my new area. It has been so challenging ! It makes me grateful for all those old friends who I met long ago. It’s so important to have a connection with people and these days when you’re in your 30s like me , sometimes it’s hard to find authentic connections with new people. But I’m grateful bc I know I’m a loyal person and a good friend & I know I have lifelong friends from my hometown who are still there for me . Hopefully I can find some more authentic friendships in life .

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    1. That’s so interesting but it makes sense that friendship plays a huge role in one’s happiness! Aw bless you, I can imagine that must be difficult but I’m sure you’re going to make authentic friendships soon with time. And I feel like there’s people in their 30s who want to make friends but don’t feel like they’re able to do i’m certain you will. Thank you for sharing and all the best love 💜✨

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  6. Having good friends are important!

    What are you grateful for today?
    Today, it’s a new month. I’m grateful for being alive. So much deaths happening everyday. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for starting a blog again after facing a real dry streak. I’m thankful for confidence as I live. I’m thankful for growth.

    Is friendship important to you and do you feel loved by your friends?

    Friendship is important to me, and I know my friends love me, but I cherish a close friendship the most. I’ve not had one for a bit now, so that’s there, but I’ll be

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    1. amazing!! well done on the blogging and a lovely list of things to be grateful for. I feel you on the friendship thing. overtime i’m sure you will have a close friend again. I felt the same for a while but eventually it happens especially by putting yourself out there more and mingling with like minded people. I wish you all the best love and thanks for stopping by ❤


  7. Dear Ash

    True friendship is a spiritual love from heart to heart. Rather have a few real friends than to have many who swim with you on the surface of life. Deep friendship is also understanding often without words, your friend knows the answers intuitively before you have put the questions. Such seldom friends, you are able to trust blindly. They help each other, they share their thoughts, deep down to the bottom, they encourage each other and have understanding when one of them is not in a good mood. This kind of friendship is the symphony of two hearts singing the same song.

    All the best, my friend

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    1. You summed that up so beautifully. It’s better to have a few good friends a bunch of mediocre ones, I’m a firm believer of that. It’s so important form emotional connections with loving, affirming, honest, kind people. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and have an amazing weekend 🌷☺️


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