Legal Action against your Abuser UK

Copy of The ugly truth about self love (10)

Hi all,

I created a document for Domestic Violence victims with information about how to get a Non-Molestation Order against your abuser. I have a couple of years experience within the Law Sector and have utilised the knowledge I have gained. This is applicable for those under UK law.

PDF document can be found here:



There are a list of charities that you can contact for additional support and guidance. Here’s a few charities that you can contact: (additional directory) (for children affected by domestic violence)


LGBTQIA Charities


Black women and Women of Colour


Refugees/Asylum Seekers


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    1. LaShawn I’m so sorry you are going or went through through this. It’s something that no person should have to go through & I hope you get or have gotten the help you need. I really think that would be amazing if you made one for US victims! The more this type of information is decimated, the better. More people need to know about the support they can receive. I can’t wait for you to see you create one💜💜

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  1. I still blame my mom for knowing that it happened to my abuser and then they didn’t do anything about it. So now my world is still upside down because she still talks to her brother that did this to me when i was 6yrs old now that i am 51.i can’t trust her anyone even.she lies to me so many times i get sick to my stomach..

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    1. Oh no I’m so sorry for what you’ve gone through. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that by your family & By someone you trust, is even more heartbreaking. I hope you’ve been able to receive the support that you deserve. I hope you find peace in your life m. Unfortunately it’s common for family members to sweep abuse under the rug- just know that you’re not alone. All the best to you 💜


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