Sometimes we want a situation to go a certain way but life often has its own plans. Sometimes we need to let go and allow the powers above to reconstruct our lives. You may not understand the current turmoil you are experiencing but eventually you will.
Trust that there’s work being done to restructure your chaos and make room for your joy.
Question for self-reflection:
How are you trusting your current situation?
Love Ash, x
Ash Alves

Hello, my name is Ash Alves. Welcome to my blog! Join me on my journey as I attempt to untangle my thoughts through writing. Love Ash, x

10 thoughts on “Surrender.

    1. I know it’s very difficult and can make you feel like giving up. Having hope that things will work out itself overtime can feel like a weight lifted off our shoulder. We don’t need to know the answers to all our problems now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ☺️


  1. Amen. I re-surrendered it again on my behalf. I’m joyful of the reconnect and praying neither one of us takes it for granted and allows bad decisions to derail what I believe God is bringing together. Surrendering and doing my best as I seek guidance and peace

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  2. This is the most perfect post for what I’m going to be thinking about throughout September. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing


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